Supercharged async calls for teams & professionals

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  • Remove communication friction when on-the-go
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Cut the friction, work faster, stay closer

Cut call scheduling & long texts

Save time & do more 

Bring everyone closer

Communicate faster and simpler with your team using direct audio/video messages

Get things done faster with our templates and integrations built over video/audio messaging (coming soon)

Communicate with team members like you are sitting in the same room

Currently in alpha

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  • Stop scheduling meetings
  • Gain back your time, get things done 
  • Guide, train and instruct employees
  • Empower your team with a flexible, expressive & human way to work, execute and connect
  • Run fast, outlined & actionable asynchronous meetings 📱
  • Stop sending long emails
  • Be fully expressive 🤩  + super productive 📈
  • Work efficiently across different time zones 🌎